Friday, 16 March 2012


 Its been a while since we have blogged about America and its presence on design blogs... but the time has come for another little helping. Whenever we are surfing around looking for inspiration/cool stuff we cannot help but be bombarded by umpteen stars and stripes and excessive amounts design referencing the good ol US of A. The reasons for this mini phenomenon are up for debate. However i would suggest that another question: Why are there next to no Union Jack designs kicking about the cybersphere? provides us with the answer. The Americans are loud and proud of their country and what it stands for prompting copious design homages to this nationalistic attitude... on the other hand us Brits are typically coy/prude/modest of our island resulting in the sparseness of Union Jack based designs. So now that this burning issue has been tackled we can all rest easy.....sit back and enjoy the designs.


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