Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A snap dont come for free - Marrakesh

 Recently i was sent by the Yawn big wigs to Marrakesh on an expedition where i was expected to absorb culture at every given opportunity. I found the Morrocan city (not capital) to be fascinating with so much colour, noise, vibrancy and such a vast array of characters, these factors combined to make it a photographic gold mine. However i soon discovered that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING comes for free in the City... and this rule does not exclude photographing the locals or for that matter anything. On principle alone i was not prepared to pay for the basic right to take a photo so i decided to employ a  'shoot from the hip' policy. The result of this method was inevitably hit and miss however when i did get it right the photographs were fantastically organic and offered a snap shot of local people going about their business naturally. The city is certainly not for everyone, but for those who do click with its bustling culture Marrakesh most definitely offers something completely alien to Londons metropolitan vibe. More snaps to follow.


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Silence Television

Supreme X Clarks

 In a follow up to yesterdays post here is a look at another really cool shoe collaboration. This time it is a range created by traditional footwear powerhouse Clarks coming together with increasingly popular street wear brand Supreme. The attention to detail in this range is signature to both brands who have built huge reputations around a meticulous approach to their products and coming together in this fashion only furthers that image. This partnership is one of those great win win situations where Supreme benefit from associating with such an established reputation and Clarks become cooler as a result of associating with one of the most current and on the pulse labels around....everyones happy.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Norse X Trickers collaboration

 Right so here's an interesting collaboration, traditional English shoe maker Trickers combined with cool Danish fashion heavy weight Norse. What a good move for both parties, but i cant help thinking that the real winner here is Trickers. By combining with 'of the moment' Norse, Trickers automatically put themselves on the radar of a new, young, style conscious demographic. Of course this works both ways as Norse feed off the authentic, hand crafted reputation of Trickers craftsmanship to lend further to their brand's carefully crafted image. However it is Trickers that desperately need the kick forward and therefore come away looking infinitely cooler as a result of a clever and bold piece of forward thinking.


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Rolley Golf Viral Scorecards

 To explain what was happening during the filming of the Rolley Golf viral our mute actors simply handed out these 'score cards'. The reaction from the public was unbelievable and everybody wanted to know what exactly was going on, these cards did the trick, explaining through simple visuals the concept of the South Nine. Keep your eyes peeled for the video and then London's North Nine.


Monday, 21 November 2011

Rolley Golf Viral - Behind the Scenes

 Here is a sneak peek from behind the scenes of the Rolley Golf viral shoot on Saturday. The weather was good and the actors were even better, all went according to plan...... so watch this space!