Thursday, 29 December 2011

Eric Jang's 2012 calendar

 If you are into neat, concise and beautifully considered design then Eric Jang's work will be right up your street. This 2012 calendar is a perfect example of her warm easy on the eye style. Absolutely no complaints here.. spot on in our opinion.


Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Londoner Christmas games

This is a really cool project from design studio Sane and Able (good name) here is what they have to say about it.. their words are infinitely wiser than mine would be:

Not too long ago in a time before Rubik’s Cubes, the Internet and bendy buses, London held an annual Christmas Games which were open to all denizens of the fair city. The games would be a rau cous time with streets filled with wor thy Londoners pit ting their wits against each other in an effort to be crowned The Londoner Games Champion in their cho sen discipline.
To com mem o rate these lost times we have cre ated a col lec tion of six indi vid u ally illus­trated Christmas cards, each depict ing a dif fer ent tra di tional London sport. Although some of the sports are still played by small pock ets of Londoners down foggy cob bled streets, the like li hood of chanc ing upon one of these games in the flesh is a rare spec ta­cle, sadly.
Cool stuff.



 The hardest project that Yawn have undergone to date is one that we are in the middle of and that is rebranding ourselves. So many opinions and so much scope for change. Here is a rebrand that Atlanta based 'identity house' Matchstic have just finished for themselves. Matchstic's aim is to ignite passion in brands and bring this passion to life in an applicable and original fashion... in our opinion their new look suites this goal very nicely. To see the website to match, pay a visit to Inspirational for us Yawners when undergoing our own image make over.


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Digestive Challenge

The recent visitors to Yawn HQ have been challenged to eat a digestive biscuit in one go. The bizarre faces that are pulled when undergoing this surprisingly hard task.


Yawn Studio Headshots

 Here we are then, some more mugshots of visitors to Yawn HQ. An interesting looking bunch these ones. We are now well on our way to having a decent sized collection. Watch this space.


Monday, 12 December 2011

Pertamina stamps

These stamps just caught my eye. They were designed to celebrate the 17th anniversary of Pertamina, Indonesia's largest oil company. They are bold, bright and make a oil company and look fun, not bad work. All stamps should have this amount of thought put into them.


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Wish you were here - Morroco

On my recent research trip to Morroco i came across these postcards in a local shop, when i asked the shop keeper how much they were he almost fell over. Im fairly sure they had been in his shop since the mid 90's and even then they would have been the most depressingly bland adverts for Morroco anyone could have dreamt up. For me, their sheer shitness was enough to condone spending 50p on the lot. I  cant believe that there are many worse postcards on sale in the world. They shed a new light on the word Yawn.



More from the bizarre United States of America.

Monday, 5 December 2011

American vintage travel posters

 Here are some American vintage posters, except they are not vintage they are the work of the Anderson design group and we love them. Their use of colour and type is spot on, creating a classic American feel. Our favourite is the Aspen one bottom right.


Thursday, 1 December 2011

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey

 Jack Daniel's have done it again, great bit of branding here for their new Tennessee Honey flavour. Absolutely nailed the graphics, lets hope the taste lives up to the amazing artwork.