Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Londoner Christmas games

This is a really cool project from design studio Sane and Able (good name) here is what they have to say about it.. their words are infinitely wiser than mine would be:

Not too long ago in a time before Rubik’s Cubes, the Internet and bendy buses, London held an annual Christmas Games which were open to all denizens of the fair city. The games would be a rau cous time with streets filled with wor thy Londoners pit ting their wits against each other in an effort to be crowned The Londoner Games Champion in their cho sen discipline.
To com mem o rate these lost times we have cre ated a col lec tion of six indi vid u ally illus­trated Christmas cards, each depict ing a dif fer ent tra di tional London sport. Although some of the sports are still played by small pock ets of Londoners down foggy cob bled streets, the like li hood of chanc ing upon one of these games in the flesh is a rare spec ta­cle, sadly.
Cool stuff.


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