Friday, 30 September 2011

Mixed bag

 Here is a collection of interesting images with some type, photography and graphic design.


Snap of the day

Snap of the day: Not actually sure where this was taken, but again the illusive ed haslam is the   photograher capturing the moment before a belly flop.

Knack weekend

Just come across this series of covers for Knack Weekend by Khuan Caveman. They are all beautifully designed with really spot on colour schemes that create a real sense of each city's vibe. Really like this work.


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Snap of the day

Snap of the day: Block colour, Taken by Big V in Morroco. P.s if anyone has seen the man please get in            touch, he hasnt been into work in a while.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

London Design Festival 2011

As many of you may know, last week was London Design Festival 2011, a celebration of London's buzzing and ever expanding design scene. Not ones to miss a trick Yawn chose Fridays event, hosted by GraphicBirdWatching, to get involved. The event was a 'Graphic design walk' through East London's studios. On the day 15 studios opened their doors to ticket holders giving us the opportunity to nosey around the natural environments of Graphic designers, illustrators and boutique agencies allowing us to get a feel for how they approach their work. The additional bonus to the day was that it was comprised of purely female designers - hence 'GraphicBirdWatching' - Great name, great idea.

 The day proved a big success and talking to other industry professionals and comparing notes on styles and varying ways of attacking briefs is always very profitable and enjoyable. Plus the areas we walked through (Bethnal Green, Hackney and Tower Hamlets) had so much cool stuff going on that it would inspire even the blandest of people. During the course of the day we met lots of different designers and interacted with heaps and heaps of high quality and diverse design. As we did so we photographed the different designers in their studios. Check out our personal favourites...

Mia Wallenius 

Mia Wallenius is an Art director and designer, she founded a design studio together with a artist Klaus Haapaniemi in 2010. Their design approach is influenced by nature, Finnish folklore, fantasy and traditional decorative arts with a modern twist. They create furniture, home textiles, fashion and books. We found her studio very interesting as it was a wash with a vast array of intricately detailed designs.. spanning across all types of canvas from cushions to tea pots. Really cool stuff and a very nice lady too.

Above is a photo we took on our visit to her studio.. Mia stands in amongst her work. On the left are some examples of some her fantastical and detailed prints.

To see more of her work go to

Rosalie Pryor

Rosalie is an illustrator with an original and organic style. It is this originality that has led her to having her work in publications such as Jamie Oliver, Stella, Stylist, Esquire, Time Out, Red or the Guardian... a formidable list.
Her work is hand painted and she draws influence from fine art, food, fashion and the every day details of London life. Yawn found her to be a lovely lady and her studio an interesting space.

Having completed illustrating her first food book Rosalie has just launched a new (very nice) We definitely recommend you take a look for plenty of refreshing illustrations.


April was found in 2009 by Lisa Sjukur and Joana Niemeyer. It is a multi-disciplinary design company working with clients from all sectors and from all over the world. Their projects have included books, magazines, identities, exhibition graphics and new media projects. We found these guys really interesting due to the content of their work, most notably a publication they are about to release called The Inspirational Moustache. We enjoyed hearing about this project not only for its amusing concept but also as it was beautifully well executed. Just a few names for moustaches that amused us... Nose neighbour, soup strainer and lip tickler. To check out more work from April go to, we suggest you do as they have mountains of brilliant projects to boast of. Also keep your eyes peeled for the release of 'The Inspirational Moustache'... its going to be a goodun.


Above is Rosa Powloski of 'Them", who treated us to a very insightful and interesting talk when we went to visit their offices on Friday. Founded in 2007, Them are an award winning creative agency with a passion for social innovation. They combine many years of creative, commercial and technical experience with fresh ideas and a social conscience. Them are lucky enough to be housed in a very cool office which must be a perfect for generating creative ideas. On that note Yawn are going to steal their on the wall bike rack idea...(see above). According to London Design Festival "Every brief, large and small is approached with equal vigor and creative is artfully crafted to generate results. They have a rich portfolio across print, web, film, exhibition and signage. Their eclectic client base has grown steadily through loyalty and recommendation"..... well said. Check them out at THEY. ARE. COOL. 


 All in all Yawn took alot away from the event and would recommend it to anyone with any form of interest in design.

Snap of the day

Snap of the day: Taken on the NY subway by Joe - flying colours (colors)

Monday, 26 September 2011

Classic motor bikes

Just discovered these classic motor bike images whilst having a routine surf. I know as little as humanely possible about bikes of the motorised variety but what i do know is that they sure do look cool.

 From a design stance their parts combine to create a very pleasing aesthetic and the shassie free look that these old bikes have highlights this intriguing mixture of metals. Still to of picked a favourite?


Snap of the day

We are starting a new feature... Snap of the day. The rules are it has to be cool and Yawn have to of taken it. Here is todays - 'The young ones'


Type Type Type

Some cool type.


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Candy coated universe - The crunchy grocer

 From what i can make out Candy coated universe is a one man/woman band. If this is the case then this is one talented band.
  I came across this piece of identity for The crunchy grocer and it immediately made me want to see what else CCU had to offer.. much to my pleasure his website did not disappoint in the slightest Every piece of work is very nicely executed and all the concepts are great, check it out.


Magpie Studio

 Magpie studio is really cool studio based near Liverpool street in London. They are responsible for some really interesting and strange (in the best way possible) projects. They have just come on Yawns radar and are now a favourite of ours. This project, identity for make up artist Sarah Grundy, is a really nicely executed piece and shows off both Grundy's and Magpie's skills very nicely.

 Looking forward for fresh work from Magpie.
Check them out


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Try this at home

Sometimes in photography you just catch a snap at the perfect moment... heres one i caught earlier.


T-Mobile Viral

T-Mobile, the cheeky buggers, have been up to more viral mischief out and about pretending to be Traffic Wardens... what are they like. The campaign has its fair share of critics however is creating a big online buzz. The seemingly obvious approach of showing real human emotions is an absolute winner working wonders in their airport viral and leading you to feel exactly what they want you to feel.. if you know what i mean. In our opinion it doesnt hit the dizzying heights of the airport stunt but that was a tough act to follow. However the video does at the least tickle ones ribs and subsequently is a decent nudge in the right direction. 


So you think your business cards are swanky?

So you think your business cards are swanky? Well check these ones out, a collection of really cool and creatively designed business cards from a range of industries. Yawn are in the middle of a re-brand so watch this space for our new all singing, all dancing, super swanky business cards.