Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A snap dont come for free - Marrakesh

 Recently i was sent by the Yawn big wigs to Marrakesh on an expedition where i was expected to absorb culture at every given opportunity. I found the Morrocan city (not capital) to be fascinating with so much colour, noise, vibrancy and such a vast array of characters, these factors combined to make it a photographic gold mine. However i soon discovered that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING comes for free in the City... and this rule does not exclude photographing the locals or for that matter anything. On principle alone i was not prepared to pay for the basic right to take a photo so i decided to employ a  'shoot from the hip' policy. The result of this method was inevitably hit and miss however when i did get it right the photographs were fantastically organic and offered a snap shot of local people going about their business naturally. The city is certainly not for everyone, but for those who do click with its bustling culture Marrakesh most definitely offers something completely alien to Londons metropolitan vibe. More snaps to follow.


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