Thursday, 22 March 2012

Keith Haring – 1978 To 1982.

 Since before i even knew who he was or what his deal was i liked looking at the work of Keith Haring. His work's energy and honesty demands the eyes attention and through a very simple and clever use of line Haring created his own illustrative language. Now, over 20 years after his death, the Brooklyn Museum is hosting an exhibition that documents his iconic early work that set the tone for a very colourful career. The show includes drawings, videos, posters, photographs and subway drawings by Haring documenting the Pennsylvania born artist's style, tastes and ethos. Every time i come back to looking at Haring's work i like it a bit more, you get the feeling it came naturally to him and that he did not change or jeopardise his approach for anyone. This is why all these years later his work continues to be at the forefront of 'cool'.


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