Thursday, 15 March 2012

Inside the walls of hell

 I have just read a really interesting article on Prison life in Africa by Thomas Martin. He speaks of the horrors present in places like the congo where the HIV virus is spread through mass rape and used as a weapon. He talks about seeing truck loads of child soldiers and the potently hostile atmosphere of  the places he visits, he tells of his arrest and the $20,000 dollar release fee that is demanded. On this trip Martin also visits Burundi a small and extremely poor country that is relatively unheard of, here he manages to gain access to a prison (this time not under arrest) where he is witnesses to some horrendous sights and stories. The injustice many of the inmates have encountered in their often young life's is unbelievable and is further testament to the atrocities that occur on a day to day basis in many parts of Africa. To read the whole article go to Vice.


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