Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pass It On: Max Knight

 Pass It On and the blog in general have been neglected recently due to unforeseen circumstances, but we are back with a bang in the form of Max Knight. 

  Max was passed on to Yawn by Ed Haslam, he is a 24 year old photographer from London. For the last three years he has been mainly working in the music industry, shooting stills and videos for major labels. Recently he has been shooting more commercial commissions for small companies and large corporations. In his spare time Max likes taking photographs of cats and 'stupid' things he sees in the street, giving his work a distinct feel.

 Max started a record label and club night when he was 18 but was always more interested in shooting the artists and events. He headed to university to study art history but dropped out in his first year after he started receiving regular work from EMI records. This allowed him to take photos for a living... lucky boy!

  Max says of his approach "I enjoy photographing people, I enjoy the pressure of interacting with someone, especially someone who I've never met and doesn't usually have their photograph taken. I think this is why I don't specialise in fashion photography...models are too good at what they do!"  It is this honesty that Max extracts from his subjects that give his photos such an organic and intriguing feel.
  This year Max will be putting together a book called Cats in Windows - he has over 50 images so far from around the world. We very much look forward to this as it is right up our street.... watch this space.

Below is a selection of Max's favorite photos he has taken over the years... enjoy. 


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