Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pass It On: Jacob Perlmutter

Last outing we featured photographer Max Knight who kindly passed us on to another young photographer and film maker Jacob Perlmutter.

 Jacob started out doing music photography for the NME. This then lead to personal projects, where he took an interest in reportage photography and made projects for Converse and The Orange Dot Gallery, '88 days', an homage to Robert Frank's 'The Americans'. From there Jacob made the transition into film. His recent short, 'French exchange', won Best International Short at IFS festival in LA in March 2012. 

Jacob is currently in the process of writing his first feature film, which he will also be directing. Whilst recently in LA for the film festival, he also made a music video for Fanzine, check it out below, a really nice piece.

A busy boy Jacob is also part of a new blog, 'The breaks', run by Mandi Lennard, where he is uploading a short screenplay each week. Check it out, its a cool concept.

In Jacobs words 'I tend to almost always set and shoot my work in territories foreign to me. There is an honest purity that comes about from constant unrest and traveling alone; the uncompromising grind of the world. Nobody stops. Nobody cares. I find this platform a ripe device to explore my characters.' What a well phrased and interesting way of approaching film. This is undoubtedly what gives his work such a raw and honest feel. Jacob goes on to say 'Humour is also a big part of my work - I am constantly aiming to explore the close relationship between comedy and tragedy, right down to a commercial I made for a Kodak competition'. In our eyes this commercial is perfectly judged, a really nicely thought out concept and beautifully executed. As Jacob says there is a fine line between comedy and tragedy and this explores that knife edge in a very clever manner, i for one came away concluding that the two emotions in fact blur as they meet. The ability to provoke such thought from such a short piece is what makes Perlmutter a talented man.

Jacob was kind enough to also send us these photos, a selection of his favorite snaps:

A really cool little collection, highlighting the depth of Jacobs talent. For more from him visit his website it is well worth a look.


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