Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pass It On: Claire Blandy and Elena George

Todays Pass It On showcases a project by friends of Yawn Claire Blandy and Elena George. The creative  duo work at Iris Worldwide and are responsible for the brilliant thinking behind Durex's The Naked Box campaign. The aim of the campaign is to make talking about condoms less of a taboo subject amongst first timers. Like all great campaigns the premise is simple, a competition to 'dress' a 'naked' Durex box with a design straight from your imagination. The execution of their idea is spot on encouraging applicants to use tools like the vibrating pencil, the ribbed roller and of course the good old fashioned rubber to realise their design ideas. The entire feel of the campaign is brilliantly judged and encourages involvement resulting in it going global and being a great success. To check it out and have a chance at winning the £2000 prize visit the website. Congratulations to Claire and Elena. Now its your turn to Pass It On...


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