Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Its Batman bay

 Whenever im on my virtual travels, crawling das interweb i always note the vast and varied amount of batman based design i come across. So i thought it was time to bring it all together in a bat blog post. The recurrence of the Dark Knight is probably down to a few factors. Firstly the potential aesthetic outcome that the human-bat combination offers is a very tempting subject matter for those of a creative leaning. Secondly his 'dark side' is a very intriguing twist in character for someone whos business it is to save pregnant women from burning buildings and kill the bad guy. Finally and most obviously his comic book roots stand as a magnetic force between designers and the mysterious Bruce Wayne. The original Stan Lee sketches set the bar for all things comic hero; outfit, colour, facial
expressions, movement are all spot on and led to the creation of what is simply a great fictional character. Batman over Superman any day of the week


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