Thursday, 27 January 2011

The grin of a rich man
Everybody loves Jamie Oliver, the essex boy done good. The cheeky chappy who calls his nan Tiger (How endearing). The man is a PR machine constantly churning out the image of a lovable, organic, clean cut, accesible, family orintated, ball of enthusiastic food worshipping energy. Dont get me wrong I bought into the brand Oliver when he burst onto the scene in 1999, i bought into it big time. However i cant shrug the feeling that in the years since, genuine enthusiasm has given way to bullshit... very profitable bullshit. This feeling has recently been reinforced by my first attempt to tackle one of 'Jamies 30 minute meals' which actually ending up taking over an hour. It appears i am not alone in my lack of speed, in yesterdays Evening Standard Miranda Bryant wrote about a cookery school in London that is offering disgruntled Oliver fans the opportunity to learn how to genuinely make a meal in half an hour. L'atelier des Chefs is offering the classes after hundreds of complaints about Jamie's latest book and its 'misleading' premise. So i suppose the question is do you blame him? If you were offered a massive bundle of cash to put your face behind a deceptive but ultimately harmless campaign would you? If you were sculpted into a characterture of yourself to please to public in return for fame and money, would you lose sleep?..... Probably not....fair play to the man.

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